It’s been a while

Wow, 4.5 years since the last post!

So much has happened.

1, I’ve become a mother of 3, gosh it’s tiring but so fulfilling.

Natalie 3yo, Ryan 5yo & Elise 6yo, my Do-Re-Mi

I love this 3 kiddos to the moon and back!

2. Sold my previous home. Total nightmare, it’s a long story, but we moved out in the quickest time due to certain circumstances. So glad we managed to sell within a month! Price was not bad, but wow, after you deduct the agent’s fee, I was left with around $100. OUCH!!! I had to leave behind lots of furnishing & electronics because I have nowhere to store it while waiting for my BTO (Q3 2019), it’s going to be painful for my wallet again next year.

3. Planning for my new home! Haha, getting my keys next year! I have been hard at work meeting interior designers, I’ve met 8 already! So many things to consider for the renovation, open or semi-open kitchen, to enclose the study area or not, a feature TV wall or not etc etc. Plus with 3 kids, one doesn’t have a sky-high budget. Jialat

Checking out furniture stores for ideal pieces, and we fell in love with this marble dining table at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk. After thinking for 2 weeks, we headed back and placed a deposit haha!

And my favourite part: looking for electronics! Oh my, I am at a loss of what to purchase. Every brand has their own sales pitch.

I need an oven, refrigerator (french fridge? 2 doors?), dishwasher, filtered water system, television, washing machine, dryer, hob, hood (chimney??), storage heater etc etc.

More on this next time!

3. Discovered and deeply poisoned by the world of handwoven wraps and carriers. Now that Natalie is getting bigger and babywearing days are dwindling down, I’ve moved on to collecting handwoven neckwear. My favourite weaver is Stewed Rhubarb Handmade. Her choices of colours and weaving is amazing!


4. And lastly, I started up and am now running a home-based crafts business. This is on top of my full-time job haha, madness I know. It’s called Pinktini, no surprise there. I started off doing babywearing accessories for Baby Tula carriers, and progressed on to embroidery of Tokidoki / Ju Ju Be items, nowadays I try to add in new stuff like handmade dolls. Check out my works at

Hopefully I keep up blogging again, it’s nice to have somewhere to pen down the happenings in one’s life!



Circus, Woodland Animals or Royal Fantasy? (Part 1)

If you’re wondering what the title of this post is referring to, they are themes I’m considering for the kids’ playroom and bedroom. So I’m just gonna post a few ideas I have in mind. The actual re-decoration starts in July, so I have plenty of time to think about what I want to do and change.

I’d been staying with my parents since having Elise and it’s about time we start planning to move home with the kids. Which means I need to plan the rooms plus furniture layout, install window grilles, repaint the home, replace some furniture and electronics too.

It’s both fun and frustrating doing research online. The US sites always showcase gorgeous decor but seldom can you find cheap or free international shipping. Hopefully I can find things to match within my budget. Let’s check out the Circus theme for their playroom today.
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Too fast

It feels just like yesterday when I was still heavily pregnant with Ryan and in just 2 weeks time, he will be turning 1! Elise and Ryan, they are growing up so fast! Sometimes I feel it’s too fast, I’m still trying to enjoy the baby phase where they babble and giggle.




Direct hiring a foreign domestic helper (maid) – Part 2

This is a continuation to my previous post – Direct hiring a foreign domestic helper (maid) – Part 1.

The last step in Part 1 was about registering your maid for the Settling-In Programme (SIP). Now we shall continue on to her arrival in Singapore.

Meet and Greet Service by Plaza Premium

Being without an agent, you should be aware that your maid might be a first-time traveller. She might not have any fellow counterparts travelling along her, and she will have to figure out a way to ask for directions to Immigration, to baggage collection, then to meet you outside, and she might not even know how you look like! So what I did was to hire a Meet and Greet Service by Plaza Premium Airport Services. Continue reading