Filed our notice of marriage

We finally filed our notice of marriage at the ROM website. Doing something simple, just his parents, my parents at the registry. Sign the cert, and off to makan!

Odd timing, 1:25pm. Where could we possibly have lunch later?? Most restaurants close for their break around 2:30pm, latest 3pm.

And I didn’t know we had to do some verification/statutory declaration a few working days before. And my appointment is at 8:30am, there goes another day of leave.

Nowadays, I’m just fretting over the hotel ballroom and packages. Having a small wedding, which means I don’t qualify for the nice gorgeous, pillar-free ballrooms most hotels have. One of the choices, Carlton Hotel is already taken up for all the dates I have on hand.

Off to view Fairmont tomorrow. :)

Now I know why there’s such an occupation called wedding planners. (Nope, not hiring one, think I should be able to handle it.) Keeping my fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “Filed our notice of marriage

    • Thanks! Will check that out! Am finding more ballrooms to cater to my size, but the dates are quickly disappearing. Will settle my banquet by end of next week I hope. Yippee

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