Too fast

It feels just like yesterday when I was still heavily pregnant with Ryan and in just 2 weeks time, he will be turning 1! Elise and Ryan, they are growing up so fast! Sometimes I feel it’s too fast, I’m still trying to enjoy the baby phase where they babble and giggle.




Direct hiring a foreign domestic helper (maid) – Part 2

This is a continuation to my previous post – Direct hiring a foreign domestic helper (maid) – Part 1.

The last step in Part 1 was about registering your maid for the Settling-In Programme (SIP). Now we shall continue on to her arrival in Singapore.

Meet and Greet Service by Plaza Premium

Being without an agent, you should be aware that your maid might be a first-time traveller. She might not have any fellow counterparts travelling along her, and she will have to figure out a way to ask for directions to Immigration, to baggage collection, then to meet you outside, and she might not even know how you look like! So what I did was to hire a Meet and Greet Service by Plaza Premium Airport Services. Continue reading

Direct hiring a foreign domestic helper (maid) – Part 1

I have had so many maid woes ever since 2012. My mum has been lucky, the first maid worked with her for 6 years. She took care of me when I was 4 till 10 years old and recently she found me on facebook, I’m so happy to see her doing well. Her second maid, worked 10 years. And now the current one is 8 years, and she is like a sister to me. After meeting a few who are not suitable, she recommended me her cousin… which leads me to writing this post in hope it might help anyone who intends to do a direct hire and doesn’t want to pay exorbitant agent fees. (Note: This is only if the maid you intend to employ has never worked in Singapore before.)

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Chanel – Le Blanc Immediate Brightening Oil-Gel Makeup Remover

Lately, I’ve been on a Chanel cosmetics spree. It started out with their CC Cream, then a lipstick or two or maybe three, nail polishes, foundation/blusher/eye shadow brushes, facial wash, moisturizer. And now my latest loot is the Immediate Brightening Oil-Gel Makeup Remover from their Le Blanc range. (PS: will post about the other stuff I have in later posts)
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